I design our DIY Eurorack modules to be the best in the world. All DIY Eurorack modules are wiring free, have free schematics always, full how-to build videos, feature easy to solder pads, and the instructions provide insight as to the workings of the circuit, so you learn as you go.



The highest quality parts, aluminum panels, and circuity. With AI Synthesis, your DIY Eurorack Synthesizer Modules will look and sound as good as any module they are racked next to.



In addition to offering the ideal 1st DIY Module, we create the Best Module Build Guides in the world. We also offer advice on toolsarticlesand much more information.



I want modular to be as accessible as possible. I price my modules, kits, and PCB/Panel competitively. With competitive pricing, how to guides, and articles on making money with modular, I want this wonderful hobby to be in reach of everyone.

The Perfect Introduction to DIY Eurorack Synthesizer Modules

The AI001 Multiple, AI002 Mixer, and AI010 Switching Attenuator are the perfect first build DIY Eurorack modules for beginners. The AI001 Multiple and AI010 Switching Attenuator are passive modules, and the parts only fit one way, making them ideal first builds for beginners. The AI002 Mixer is a great first active build, as it introduces the builder to bi-polar power.